"But remember, it is ok to be scared as long as you don’t let your fear hold you back."

-Josh Simmons

For this first post, I thought I would talk about that wonderful thing that everyone has – the ability to make a “CHOICE.”  You can choose anything you want in this world!  You can choose to chase your dreams and how you are going to go after it, what food you are going to eat, what beer you're going to drink,  how late you want to stay up, where you will spend your days working, what sports team to root for…….You catch my drift?

But in all of this simple (and sometimes complicated) decision, it is MOST IMPORTANT to make choices that make YOU happy. Make the choice to have a great life!! Make the choice to quit your job and chase your dream! There is definitely no one out there that is just going to give you what you want. Don’t be scared to go for it. Don’t be afraid to fail and then fail again. Learn from the mistakes and keep pushing. Block out the noise and what everyone is saying and focus on what your gut is telling you. Another important thing is to not worry about what other people think about you, or how crazy you are for having a dream that has maybe not come to fruition yet or even might seem impossible. But remember, it is ok to be scared as long as you don’t let your fear hold you back. On those days that do not go so well, choose to NOT GIVE UP! Lean on those who you trust and who believe in you and support you the most. They will make the bad days bearable and keep you focused on the next good one. With that being said…….


My CHOICE is to give everything I have to my brand SWINGSET. I’m ready for all the challenges it brings and ready to bring tons of rad stuff to everyone I know and even those I haven’t yet met.

To everyone who has supported me in the past and currently, THANK YOU. To my wife and kids, who have always been in my corner and always had my back---THANK YOU! I couldn’t do this without you. 


I will continue to blog on the regular about who knows what, I don’t know maybe….other cool clothes, rad topics, awesome beer, and whatever else might be interesting at the time I sit down with my laptop and start typing away.


Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time to read this. 


Choose Wisely,




The City of Goons