Swingset Artist Series

So when I first started SWINGSET my goal was to make bad ass clothes and support those who aren’t afraid to put it all on the line and chase their dreams. I thought by starting the "Artist Series”. It would be a great way to get people involved in just that. By picking people who are actively chasing or living out there dreams. Whether that be in art, music, tattooing, sports, micro brewing, entrepreneurship or whatever the case may be. My goal is to collaborate with those people to bring both them and SWINGSET together. A way to to get a message across or even build a platform for people to creatively express themselves through the SWINGSET brand in the pursuit of chasing their dreams. 

    The artist series will not be limited to just t-shirts. It will be an assortment of different style clothes (hats, hoodies, gloves, etc.) It may be prints, skate decks or whatever else might be the best way to showcase the artist and SWINGSET together. I already have a few artists lined up that I am extremely excited to be working with and am looking forward to seeing where this goes. For each artist I will post a short bio and pic of them so you can put a face and story behind the project. You can expect the first artist series by next week and we will let everyone know here very shortly who the first artist is. Its someone I have known for a very long time and someone who I have watched take their dreams and passion and turn it into not just a reality but a successful career.

Josh SimmonsArtist Series