October Pop-Up Shop

      So we decided that it would be a great idea to throw a pop-up shop out in the middle of a field that you had to drive through a dump truck boneyard to get to.  Which obviously means you would have to you know... have a bonfire, a DJ, burn barrels, trash cans full of beer and most importantly some brand new threads for everyone. When planning something like this it can go one of two ways, It can suck or it can be absolutely bad ass. Well BAD ASS it was. Tons of people came all throughout the night, bought tons of new gear and made memories forever. Vincent Green DJ’ed the party and was awesome to say the least. It was definitely a cool way to launch some new clothes as well as a few one off items to those who made it out. I would also like to give a huge shoutout to Mike Della for letting me use the property to pretty much do whatever I wanted. He worked non-stop leading up to the event helping to get the spot just right. Also a big shoutout to Vincent Green for rocking the tunes all night. I strongly suggest you reaching out to him if you ever need a kick ass DJ to rock any event or party. Just find him on FB or IG. And last but not least my right hand squad Amanda and Scott. 

We will be doing new events in the near future and releasing new bad ass gear for everyone in between. Even more exciting is we are launching our Artist Series in the next few weeks so please keep an eye out for that too. 


- Josh



Josh Simmons